Certified doors, accessories and spare parts for marine industry

When you find yourself in a situation where your schedule is tight and there has been a misplacement of spare parts or accessories, then we are here to help. Sanste OÜ specializes in the distribution of marine certified fireproof or safety doors and their accessories.
With our extensive knowledge and experience in the marine industry, we can help you find the necessary products in a small timeframe to keep your project going smoothly.

We can help you procure

Marine certified fire doors

Fire doors are a crucial component of any fire protection system and are required by regulations in many jurisdictions. 

Sanste OÜ can help you procure B and C class certified fire proof doors.

Marine certified doors
Marine certified fire hatches

Fire hatches

Fire hatches are designed to provide safe and easy access to mechanical or electrical equipment, as well as storage areas, while preventing the spread of fire and smoke between different compartments. 

Sanste OÜ helps your business to procure marine certified fire hatches that you need in a strict deadline. 

Accessories and spare parts

Our accessories include a wide variety of components designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of doors and hatches. 

Sanste OÜ helps marine industry businesses to procure various certified door and hatch accessories.

Accessories and spare parts

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